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Golden Beach Gas Project

The Golden Beach Gas Project aims to appraise and develop the natural gas held in the Golden Beach gas field. The field is situated in Victorian state waters, 3 to 4km from the shoreline between the towns of Golden Beach and Glomar Beach, off the Ninety Mile Beach.

The gas field was discovered in 1967 but has not been developed to date due to its’ size and ‘dry’ gas specification (the field contains no oil or gas liquids, common in Gippsland gas fields).

The current shortage of gas in Eastern Australia coupled wth the long-term approach that GB Energy is taking, provides a basis for Project next steps to now be considered. A number of milestones need to be achieved before a development would begin.

Pipeline Project

The Golden Beach Pipeline Construction

The development of the Golden Beach gas field involves recovering the natural gas using conventional drilling of the offshore Golden Beach gas field. The recovered gas will be transported into a newly constructed pipeline and gas processing facility. The gas will then be distributed to Victorian and New South Wales households and businesses. The construction of the pipeline is expected to take about 12 months and is not expected to commence construction until late 2019 or early 2020.

Golden Beach Pipeline Fact sheet

Pipeline Construction Fact sheet

Pipeline Regulatory Approvals Fact sheet

Privacy statement

Pipeline Consultation Plan

GB Energy is committed to developing and maintaining positive relationships with landowners and occupiers. As planning progresses and detailed timeframes are confirmed, GB Energy will consult and inform the landowners and occupiers that may be affected by the onshore pipeline proposal.

Consultation Plan

Consultation Plan Map 

Consultation Plan Map last updated 4 June 2019

Survey Corridor Map


Do you own any of these land parcels?

Whilst all land owners within the Pipeline Survey Corridor have been identified, there are several owners we have been unable to make direct contact with.

If you are one of the landowners of the parcels shown in the below map, or know of the whereabouts of one of these landowners, please contact GB Energy.

Land Parcels Map